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Charlie Sheen is a Saint

two and a half men

So, I didn’t really feel too passionate about writing a rant this week…wasn’t sure if I’d do one…then, Charlie Sheen came to the rescue. And, believe it or not, I’m actually going to defend him a little bit…just a little bit.

So, Charlie, as we all know, has his demons, living the part of a real life Julian Wells (aka Robert Downey, Jr. in Less Than Zero for you 80s fanatics). However, in the latest installment of the drama/comedy/rehab facility known as Two and a Half Men, it’s Warner Brothers and CBS who are causing quite a stir by calling for a work stoppage of sorts by canceling four of the final eight episodes.

You see, the Two and a Half Men crew is not getting paid for the down time during Charlie’s rehab. Wake up, kids, everyone that works deals with potential issues that could leave us jobless, particularly in this pathetic economy. Fortunately, King Hussein is on the job and he is focused like a laser on jobs and the economy now. I won’t hold my breath and neither should you.

In the meantime, Charlie decided to step it up. He stated that he’d work all the necessary overtime to complete the four missing episodes, and he offered to pay 1/3 of the crew salaries for the down time, if CBS and Warner Brothers ponied up 1/3 each. That’s quite an offer from old Charlie.

Now, I’m not saying Charlie is suddenly a saint, because he ain’t. However, I say that CBS and Warner Bros share some blame for the down time, as well. Seriously, what company ties their financial future to a guy who regularly cavorts with hookers, thinks that an ongoing relationship with crack cocaine is good if you can manage it socially (since being sober is boring), and likes to destroy private property that belongs to others. This guy has had more lives than Nikki Sixx. Ah, yeah, this is a guy I’m investing in at 2.5 million an episode. Basically, CBS and Warner made a deal with the devil, and prior to and throughout this fiasco, they kept their fingers crossed so that they could continue to cash in on a poorly written sitcom that somehow manages to be a ratings and financial winner, compliments of a viewing public that seeks mediocrity over quality, more often than not.

In closing, pin this on Charlie, but don’t leave Warner and CBS out of the blame game, they are just as culpable.

I’m Flex and I’m Right.

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