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Sabrina Taylor-Smith

Sabrina Taylor-Smith


Name: Sabrina Taylor-Smith
Alias: Sweet Chocolatta 
Role on BTB:
Recurring Co-Host
Hailing From:  B-mo!
Favorite TV Shows:  Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Amazing Spider-man (1995)
Favorite Movies:  Batman Returns, Terminator 2, The Little Mermaid, Point of No Return, Boondock Saints, The Long Kiss Goodnight, The Air I Breathe, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Number 23, Ever After, Love Potion #9
Favorite Celebrities: Sarah Michelle Gellar, Nia Long, Rachel McAdams, Jim Carrey
Favorite Bands/Artists:  Fiona Apple, Mariah Carey, Britney Spears, Third Eye Blind
Dislikes: HATERS! That white spittle that people get on the sides of their mouth, people eating with their mouth open, people being obnoxiously loud and dramatic on their cell phones in public, people that push their religion or beliefs on others...
Likes: People that take criticism well, people that are open minded, funny people, cat naps, food, when Al calls me "Sweeeet Choco-lat" absolutely ridiculous situations that happen in real life, having serious discussions with a.) a different dialect or b.) a face mask on
Favorite wrestlers/MMA fighters: um...huh?
Favorite finisher:  Um...Buffy always finishes first!
Hobbies: writing music, fishing, shooting, playing video games, cooking
Quotes: "One who expects nothing is never disappointed" , "All the world is a stage"
Bio: I am a singer, Actor, model, writer, and host for the Click on This Show. I can be seen in the upcoming movie "Jebediah" on,  I became a guest co-host on BTB because I met Al and he thought I was awesome! I am a multitasking, spontaneous, difficult to peg and random individual who is full of life and always has something to say (good or bad). I'm the kind of girl who will tell you if you have food on your face, yes you look fat in that outfit and no I don't like your new haircut but it's ok it'll grow back. I'm a secret intellectual, openly spacey, business woman party girl, that genuinely believes I am a ninja priestess.  



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